Textile hunting in the Caucasus

Selvedge 85, p. 53

Selvedge 85, noviembre 2018, p.53

«Flanked by the Black and Caspian Seas, hemmed by Russia, Turkey and Iran, the Caucasus is one of the most culturally complex and fascinating regions on Earth. Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan -collectively the Trans-Caucasus countries- are each ethnically, socially and religiously distinct with common threads of a shared heritage. A corridor of the fabled Silk Road that for centuries served as the physical and ideological bridge between East and West, the Caucasus has benefited from generations of crosspollination. Resilience through times of oppression has strengthened ideals of national identity and produced a diverse panorama of material culture that endures today.»
Selvedge noviembre 2018

Selvedge magazine 85, noviembre 2018

El número de noviembre de Selvedge (revista especializada en textiles) nos trae este y otros fascinantes artículos sobre el mundo de los tejidos, tanto desde una perspectiva histórica como atendiendo a las últimas tendencias de la industria, siempre con esa estética tan cuidada a la que nos tiene acostumbrados.
Sumario de Selvedge noviembre 2018.