«Shibori ripples across the globe. This ancient dye and resist craft takes its name from the Japanese verb meaning «to wring, squeeze or press» and has became an umbrella term for over 100 different techniques. A plethora of pleating, folding, clamping, tying, stitching, wrapping and binding methods have developed in Japan over centuries to create intrincate patterns in cloth. Today, imitations and adaptations can be found throughout the world, with a different significance in each tying-and-dying community.»


Utagawa Hiroshige 1797-1858 Edo period. Selvedge nº 81, p. 44.




















Ana Lisa Hedstrom. Selvedge nº 81, p. 43
















«Contemporary American artist Ana Lisa Hedstrom adapts Japan’s old shibori techniques to create her signature textile works.»


Selvedge 81





















Último nº de esta revista inglesa especializada en textiles, dedicado en esta ocasión a Japón, que podéis encontrar ya en la Biblioteca-Mozzafiato.

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