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Textile View issue 120, p. 37
«ARTICULATE: manipulative technology.
Precision and movement is key here. Cutting edge technology enables the designers to explore and challenge, as generative methods of computer operative techniques become more innovative. The latest advancements in laser optics and improvements in the quality of cutting and the variety of materials, leads to ever more opportunity to experiment.»

textile view

Textile View Winter 2017, issue 120: Generosity


















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Colour p43

Viewpoint Colour issue 03, p.43
«Colour Forecast Sprint Summer 2019.
Here we explore the wider meaning of play. It remains a respite and a route to conviviality and joy, but it is also the foundation of invention and creation. Here we explore four design manifestations of Play.»

Viewpoint Colour

Viewpoint Colour issue 03: Play





















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