How textiles of the past came to be in the wardrobes of today.

«Walking down the high street, looking into the shop windows of Zara, Topshop, Mango and others, each store has more than a dozen different and incredibly varied textiles on show. In one window I saw a sweatshirt made of something pretending to be neoprene, the material of which wetsuits are made, and a dress with lapels that appeared to be made out of a PVC mac from the 1980s -almost, but not quite. So where do all of these fabrics come from and why are they now such a ubiquitous part of clothing? The irony is that many of these affordable, high street clothes are the result of couture houses mimicking the cheaper, more everyday, or aspirational, fabrics of yore.»


Selvedge nº 78, p. 24















Selvedge nº 78





















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