Philip Fimmano admiers photographer Vee Speers’ unfurling imagination.

«The landscapes of children’s imaginations know no boundaries and have the power to transcend reasoning and logic. Dressing up, role-playing and telling stories sweeps us away to a magical plane, where flora end fauna can provide props. Vee Speers’ hand-coloured photographs transform childhood memories into haunting portraits of the future, inviting ua to join an imaginative garden party and charming us with narrative masks, ballooning blooms, blown bubbles and fluttering birds of paradise. Yet the arresting images in Speers’ oeuvre can reveal the dark side of the children , as she turns them into post-nuclear street fighters, sinister shamans adorned with dead animals, armed activists and bad-tempered fairies with the power to unleash their merciless ways.»

selvedge post p.45

Selvedge magazine, issue 62: The thread issue, p. 45.

selvedge portada

Selvedge magazine, issue 62: The thread issue.

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