Christian Lacroix. Graphic Design for Fashion / Jay Hess and Simone Pasztorek.  Laurence King, 2004, pag 71

«With multiple iterations upon the same seasonal aesthetic, a substantial complexity is built into each invitation package.’ The Autumn/Winter 2008/09  Haute Couture lnvitation consisted of individual cards functioning as the main invitation, RSVP and notes on the influence of the collection. Guests of the catwalk presentation also receive a booklet with detalled notes on each look. In addition to an array of specialist production techniques, an innovative, mottled, metallic blocking technique was applied to the Christian Lacroix logo. «Most of the time we are really happy with the realizations, as we tend to work with the best printers, engravers, stampers here in Paris, each of them in its category chosen for its skills. lts printing s haute couture.»


Invitation Paolo -BAZZAN FOR KENZO.  Graphic Design For Fashion, pag. 109

«The Spring/Summer 2009 collection is a perfect  example of the integration between the invitation and set design of the catwalk  presentation. «I wanted to put a butterfly  inside the book, so I started  with the idea of using a children’s pop-up and collector’s books. Graphic design usually only concerns  itself with two dimensions  but for me it is very important  to consider  the three-dimensionality.»


«Graphic Design for Fashion must represent the core values of the brand while pushing boundaries and expectations. Often seen as a showcase relationship for a design studio, the seasonal nature of the end product provides a limitless testing ground for new ideas and innovative production solutions.

This visually led book contains a global selection of the best graphic design studios’ work within the fashion industry – from packaging and lookbooks to swing tags and invitations – with exclusive insights from both clients and designers. The book features not simply the visual identities of big budgets and luxury brands, but showcases the creative processes of the world’s leading design studios.

The result is a visually diverse collection of graphic design, which is a rich source of inspiration for new and groundbreaking production techniques and a perfect reference point for those across the creative industries.»

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