Ergonomics for children : Designing products and places / Rani Lueder, Valerie J. Berg Rice editors. — New York : Taylor & Francis, 2008.

«This is a practical manual about child ergonomics written for people who design for, play with, teach, supervise, and protect children. The authors discuss how to create products and environments for toddlers to teenagers that match their capabilities, stimulate their development, promote learning, and keep them healthy and safe. The first resource of its kind, the book provides guidance based on the latest research. Topics include the sensory-motor, physical, cognitive, and psychosocial stages of development and their implications on topics such as handwriting, designing toys, and warnings, as well as creating child-friendly environments at home, school, on playgrounds, and in public buildings.»


Textiles : Tendencias actuales y tradiciones / Chloë Colchester. — Barcelona : Blume, 2008.

«La diversidad del mundo de los textiles hace que resulte interesante y provocador. En este libro se incluyen tanto nuevas tendencias, desde los cambios cromáticos hasta los camuflajes fotosensibles o los campamentos de emergencia a base de tela impregnada de cemento unida a un plástico inflable, así como piezas tradicionales, como por ejemplo, los estampados de Eley Kishimoto, que sugieren el intercambio histórico de ideas entre Oriente y Occidente, o las sorprendentes transmutaciones de color de Morphotex (una fibra de interferencias ópticas multicapa).»